How to manage backup of each service in AWS Batch


There is a requirement to implement a backup that manages Aurora, S3, EFS, and ECR in AWS Batch in a certain project. How should I implement it in AWS Batch after considering the backup method and restore method of each service? Please tell me how to implement it.

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AWS Batch is service to run the batch computing workloads. You just need to create docker image of your script and can run a job on batch job. that job will execute the code as mentioned in your docker image and get finish once done.

So to use AWS Batch for backup, you need to write custom script which can take backup and create docker image of that script. later you can submit job in AWS Batch to execute that script.

Looking at the query, it seems you would like have backup of other services like Aurora, S3, EFS, and ECR. It seems AWS Backup might fit for your use case.

answered 5 months ago

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