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/AWSDateTime doesn't parse ISO 8601 format, is it bug ?/

AWSDateTime doesn't parse ISO 8601 format, is it bug ?



"2019-04-09T23:25:27+09:00" is valid ISO 8601 datetime notation certainly.
"2019-04-09T23:25:27+0900" (colon-less timezone) is also valid I think ( says so, but it is just my conjecture because I don't have ISO 8601 cannonical specification pdf

AWSDateTime accepts former, but denied latter.
I think this is bug because says:

The AWSDateTime scalar type represents a valid extended ISO 8601 DateTime string.

How to reproduce

  1. Setup AppSync with Dynamodb backend
  2. Use AWSDateTime as part of GraphQL type
  3. Insert a row with value "2019-04-09T23:25:27+0900" for AWSDateTime in dynamodb console
  4. Query in AppSync console to get the row
  5. Error happens like invalid row value


I haven't checked AWSTime but It may have same problem.

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Accepted Answer


Thanks for the feedback. At this time, AWS AppSync requires the colon in the timezone. Per our documentation, "...the time zone offset must either be Z (representing the UTC time zone) or be in the format ±hh:mm:ss" (

I'll add a task to our backlog to see if we can relax this requirement to support timezones without colons. Unfortunately, I cannot provide an ETA on if/when this can be implemented.


answered 3 years ago

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