AWS Cognito for iOS (AWS Amplify related)


I'm using AWS Cognito in my backend (NestJS) and want to integrate it with my iOS app. In that case, is there any library that I should use? Because most examples I see are with Amplify, I'm only going to use Cognito, for auth, and EC2 to store the backend. So, trying to summarize my question: Should I use the Amplify lib when I'm only using Cognito? And if I use Amplify and Amplify Cognito plugins to handle authentication, should I also consider Amplify pricing too?

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You can use the following: amazon-cognito-identity-js. As noted here, the package will be hosted as part of the Amplify repo.

answered 2 months ago
  • So on my backend service, I only receive the JWT that Cognito should return. All the authentication flow should be on the device, so I would use a Swift package to deal with sign-in, in that case, should I should AWS Amplify ( Or, is there any other library that uses only Cognito?

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