AWS IotTwinMaker service endpoint not working (Server not found)


Hi it seems like AWS IoTTwinMaker service endpoints are not up and running ( Can someone help and share the working endpoints? thanks

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This is the correct us-east-1 endpoint for AWS IoT Twinmaker. We can see the URL's here in our IoT TwinMaker endpoint and quotas Documentation.

In order to test the endpoint, I used the AWS CLI to call the GetWorkspace API on us-east-1 and I can confirm that the request is being made to this endpoint

Here is my aws cli request:

aws iottwinmaker get-workspace --workspace-id Test --region us-east-1 --debug

If we check the debug prints we can confirm the URL where the request is being sent


I do not see any reported issues with this URL. That said, can you please let me know how you are currently checking this URL and where you are seeing "Server not found"? We are looking forward to your reply.

answered a year ago
  • This is the endpoint url "" I was looking for. The doc did not mention the api subdomain. Thanks Ryan!

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