[AWS Rekognition] "Amazon Rekognition experienced a service issue" Internal Failure and can't train a model.


I want to train a model using these pictures as training data: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n35jne68hjws2d4/runes.zip?dl=0

And the test data will be this: https://imgur.com/4LQIUSX.jpg

And this: https://imgur.com/LOKzEOp.jpg

I have succeeded in labeling everything I need and my understanding is that this should be viable (or does anybody have any feedback on how my data should look like for this to work? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?)

However I've tried to train my Rekognition model five times and it's failed every time with "Amazon Rekognition experienced a service issue. It seems to me that this is an internal failure in the service, can I get some feedback on what I can do?

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1 Answer

Thanks for reaching out. Can you please share the AWS Region in which you ran these trainings and approximate time of trainings to help us debug the failures.

answered 2 years ago

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