can i exclude the MS SQL server's system databases from AWS SCT assessment report


Hi Team ,

We are doing an assessment for SQL Server to RDS SQL server using SCT. can I hide(exclude) the system databases( master, MSDB, Model, Report server databases) from assessments report.

As of I know we need to exclude the system databases but , please confirm

1 Answer

Yes, it is recommended to exclude the system databases (master, msdb, model, and report server databases) from assessment reports when using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) to migrate from SQL Server to RDS SQL Server. To exclude the system databases from the assessment report, you can use the "Exclude Databases" option in SCT. You can select the system databases to exclude from the assessment report, and SCT will not include them in the analysis or generate recommendations for them.

answered a year ago
  • Thank you ,

    Could you please share any link from AWS.

    is it applicable for report databases also?

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