Odoo 16 on AWS lightsail Amazon Linux 2023 with 512Mb


Hello, I'm setting up a Odoo server and I have the following configuration my.domain => go to the website (managed by Odoo) Odoo.my.domain => go to the Odoo interface I'm using docker-compose to set up everything and use a nginx to secure the connection with Let's encrypt My problem is that I can't create a database with Odoo. Once I try to create a database with the demo data to see if it's working the Odoo container exit with the code 137... Is that a memory overflow problem ? If so, where could I find the memory usage ? Also when I try to connect via ssh after my fail attempt to create a Odoo database my ssh connection fail as well...

Should I use a bigger lightsail instance or use a EC2 instance ?

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For Lightsail instances, memory usage cannot be checked with metrics.
You need to connect via SSH and use the "top" command to check.

From what I've heard about the situation, it is possible that there is a problem with the specs.
I think it would be a good idea to create a Lightsail with larger specs and see if it is possible to start a database, etc.

If your database is supported by Lightsail database, etc., you may be able to consider using that as well.

EC2 may also be selected if cost is available.
With EC2, it would be possible to select the appropriate instance type for the application workload.

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answered 10 months ago
  • I did managed to create a database but I added a swap file of 2Gb into the instance of 512Mb Lightsail. With the 1Gb Lightsail instance Odoo looks working fine directly. With the EC2 t2.micro Odoo looks also working fine. Using a external database is $15 per month so it's way too expensive for me to use a external database. I'll wait 24 hours to see which one cost the less. AWS Cost Management need 24h to start.

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