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I am trying to use external ontologies in Neptune and they are not loading into the graph. For example when I use
skos: it doesn't load these ontologies into Neptune. Is there a way to load these external ontologies into neptune or do I have to manually download them into an S3 bucket and load them into the Neptune instance from there.


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The short answer is that you want to use SPARQL Update LOAD to actually load the external ontology into Neptune, something like this:


There are, however, a couple of caveats/details to be considered:  
You must "punch a hole" so that Neptune can actually reach out of your VPC. Do this using a NAT Gateway. This document is helpful:  
Also note that Neptune uses HTTP content negotiation to fetch RDF content in the right format. See this (section "Media-types that SPARQL UDATE LOAD can import"):  
Some external ontologies may not be "content-negotiable", instead the external server uses some HTTP redirect code to inform the client where the actual RDF content is. Neptune does not handle these situations, so you may need to test (say, using curl) how the external server actually responds. I believe SKOS, for example, is set up this way.
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skos: <> in itself does not load anything - it's just a namespace prefix, part of the syntax.
I think you want


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