What is AWS's long-term commitment to IoT Core?


We saw news that IBM is shutting down their Watson IoT service. This is on the heels of Google basically doing the same. Maybe Azure IoT is next, who knows?

I'm a little worried. I don't think AWS would do this, based on another example - SimpleDB. That service is not promoted, and it hasn't really improved in years, but it still works. I eventually moved everything off of SimpleDB but I appreciated that they didn't just pull the plug on it.

Still, I'm deploying brand new solution stacks that include IoT Core as an element, and I'm worried about the long-term commitment. The serverless stack is fantastic, but we all know the risk: if you had to move off the platform, it would be a big problem.

Has AWS made any statements in response to the GCP and Watson IoT news?

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I don't believe Amazon has made a formal statement regarding the longevity of IoT Core in response to GCP and Watson. There have, however, been a large number of IoT specific launches this year which shows AWS's commitment to the space. As a member of the AWS IoT ExpressLink team myself, we have just completed our own new spec which contains further simplified integrations with services like AWS Device Defender and AWS IoT Device Shadow. We've had no reason to doubt these services will continue to exist.

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