and bounce email messages from amazon SES


Hi all, in the last two days we have noticed that that the italian domain and bounces all the email from our account. We also have tried using a dedicated IP but the problem persist. Here the error we receive every time

{"notificationType":"Bounce","bounce":{"feedbackId":"0113018ae07b9841-85cd5ccf-7426-4d1e-bde2-5fcf5b07cb58-000000","bounceType":"Transient","bounceSubType":"General","bouncedRecipients":[{"emailAddress":"","action":"failed","status":"5.3.0","diagnosticCode":"smtp; 550 mail not accepted from blacklisted IP address []"}],"timestamp":"2023-09-29T10:28:30.000Z","remoteMtaIp":"","reportingMTA":"dns;"},"mail":{"timestamp":"2023-09-29T10:28:29.527Z","source":"xxxxx@xxxxxx.xx","sourceArn":"arn:aws:ses:eu-west-3:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","sourceIp":"xxxxxxxxxx","callerIdentity":"root","sendingAccountId":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","messageId":"0113018ae07b92d7-0c4bdedd-38da-4cf9-a480-8639e7242479-000000","destination":[""],"headersTruncated":false,"headers":[{"name":"From","value":"xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xx"},{"name":"To","value":""},{"name":"Subject","value":"Prova AWS"},{"name":"MIME-Version","value":"1.0"},{"name":"Content-Type","value":"multipart/alternative; boundary="----=_Part_146504_123947408.1695983309531""}],"commonHeaders":{"from":["xxxxxx@xxxxxx.xx"],"to":[""],"subject":"Prova AWS"}}}


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You seem to have been blocked from the error message. If the dedicated IP doesn't work, it probably means that those domains have raised the bar in terms of what they accept.

The AWS official gives solid guidance on what to do to avoid bounces:

This article may help you understand your issue and fix:

This post is also very useful:



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answered 9 months ago
  • Thenk you but I as wrote we have tried also usign the SES shared IP with the same results. Also we have tried wit another Amazon root account, never used to send email with the same result. Here some of the ip that tell us are listed all in the eu-west-3 region:


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