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EventBridge API Destination Connection Without Authentication


Is it possible to send an event to an http endpoint that has no basic/api key/ oauth? In the console when creating the connection for the API destination you must select at least one form of auth.

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2 Answers

It seems the service requires authentication information, however, if the endpoint you are communicating with has not auth requirements, just use API Key as the method and create some dummy header with some dummy value.

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answered 8 months ago

Yes, this is possible. I am successfully invoking Microsoft Teams web hooks that way. The API destination needs to be setup with Authorization type "API Key". The secret value may be anything, e.g. a dummy value such as:

  "api_key_name": "no",
  "api_key_value": "key"

This also works through CloudFormation.

answered 8 months ago
  • Sorry, I didn't see Uri's answer before posting mine.

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