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Updating the Elastic IP address of a Network Load Balancer



I would like to replace the current Elastic IP address associated to my Network Load Balancer by an another Elastic IP address which is associated to an EC2 Instance (which will be terminated after the migration).

So I went to the Edit Subnet option, but it seems that I can't change the IPv4 address (Availability Zones is greyout). I have only one zone filled. But I can choose a new availability zone, and then select the Elastic IP Adress. But it means that I will two IP addresses attached to the NLB ?

I tried to disassociate the IP through the network interface page but I got the following error : "Failed to disassociate public IP address from network interface eni-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. API error: "You do not have permission to access the specified resource."

This error is probabily due to the fact the IP is currently in use. Is the only way to re create a netword load balancer ?

Any help would be appreciated :)

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