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Greengrass V2 Deployment Stuck In Progress, Remote Device


We have a remote device, which we cannot access physically, so we cannot view the logs, and I have some questions about debugging steps.

Issue Description:

  • Component deployed with Greengrass 2.5.6
  • Deployment (updating to 2.7.0) stalled and not progressing for hours.
  • Component is connected to AWS IoT, reports Healthy and Connected

Deployment Details:

  • Single device deployment, lists as 'in-progress'
  • Deployment does not show under Remote Actions -> Jobs. I can see other in-progress greengrass deployments under Jobs, but not that deployment.

Question - is the deployment not showing up under 'Jobs' normal ? At what stage of the process should the deployment be visible under jobs ? Is this indicative of an issue where the deployment is not actually reaching the edge device itself ?

  • What is the connection throughput of the device? The Greengrass Nucleus package is about 36 MB and it might take a while to download on slow connections.

2 Answers

Hi, it is indeed normal that single device deployments do not show up under Remote Action | Jobs since deployments targeted to single devices do not use AWS IoT Jobs. To check if the deployment has been received by the device you can navigate to Core Devices | <your device>, click on the Thing link and then select the Device Shadows tab. You should have a device shadow called AWSManagedGreengrassV2Deployment. The content of this device shadow will reflect the current status of your deployment.

If the deployment has not yet received the device you should only have a "desired" and "delta" nodes in the document.

If the deployment has reached the device and the device reported back you should also have a "reported" node with some information reported by the device, including the "status".

Finally, if the deployment has completed successfully, you should have a "reported" status with "status": "SUCCEEDED".

answered a month ago
  • Thanks for the explanation.

    The device shadow does contain a "reported" node with a "status" key:

    "reported": {
          "ggcVersion": "2.5.6",
          "fleetConfigurationArnForStatus": "arn:aws:greengrass:<region><id>:configuration:thing/<thing-name>:7",
          "statusDetails": {},
          "status": "IN_PROGRESS"

    it remains this way for over 24 hours, unless I cancel the deployment. Are there any more remote debug steps I can take ? I do not have access to the logs on the device.


Hi. Unlike a Thing group deployment, a single Thing deployment doesn't use jobs. It instead uses shadows. If you look at the shadows for the Thing associated with the Greengrass core device, you'll see the AWSManagedGreengrassV2Deployment shadow.

By the way, to help with remote debugging in future, you might consider the Log manager component:

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answered a month ago

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