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/How to find workaround for xml.value() function in babelfish?/

How to find workaround for xml.value() function in babelfish?


We encountered an xml issue during the poc of babelfish migration, how to rewrite a user define function based on 64-bit encryption that is very common in sql server. The following code you can find on many web site

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[FnBase64Encode](@src varchar(max))
  declare @bin varbinary(max)
  set @bin=Convert(varbinary(max), @src)
  return cast(N'' as xml).value('xs:base64Binary(xs:hexBinary(sql:variable("@bin")))', 'varchar(max)')

We know that the current version of babelfish(1.2.1) does not support xml methods such as xml.node and xml.value, is there any solution or sample code for this case?

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Hi, @Colin Tang.

As you understand, the XML feature of T-SQL is not supported in Babelfish 1.2.1 as of today.

If you want to do XML operations like this, you need to connect to the Aurora PostgreSQL port and consider whether you can use PostgreSQL's XML Functions instead.

answered 2 months ago

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