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Deeplens v1 registration failed



So I registered my Deeplens v1 camera 6 times already and I still get the same result when in the aws console: registration status failed

I have no idea why this is happening since I am following the exact steps in the official documentation or any other registration tutorial video.

No answers about such issues were provided here, this is why I am posting this question. What might be the reasons behind the registration failing? I did upload the certificates, provided the roles needed, connected the camera to the internet...

The documentation only request me to repeat the registration again, but I've been doing this many times already and nothing was solved

2 Answers

There are two common troubleshooting steps around DeepLens devices failing to register.

  1. The GreenGrass software version of your device may be out-of-date. This can be fixed by updating the software on your device.
  2. You may have an older Python 2.x version of the service-created Lambda functions for device processing. These lambdas are named 'deeplens_admin_model_downloader' and 'deeplens_admin_version_poller'. If you find the DeepLens lambdas in your account are for an older Python version we recommend deleting them and letting AWS DeepLens service re-create them on a new device registration workflow.

If you are still experiencing difficulties registering your device after these troubleshooting steps, reaching out to customer service will allow the service team to debug further based on the specifics for your account.

answered 5 months ago

Hello thank you for your answer. The registration worked actually but the main problem now is running the sample project called head pose detection. It's a sample project that should run directly when inferred. However, the output stream and project stream are both white screens with no detection displayed. It seems like the neural network isn't running properly on the Deeplens even though this should be a plug and play technology.

answered 5 months ago

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