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/Access denied when deleting S3 bucket/

Access denied when deleting S3 bucket


I am taking advanced cloud devops nanodegree on udacity that is based on AWS services. To practice hands-on and work on projects we use cloud gateway to AWS account provided by udacity. We are limited to $25 budget through the nano degree, So we must delete all used resources once finishing the hands-on. I was doing hands-on that deploys webapp to elastic beanstalk and to delete resources, In steps I shoud delete the s3 bucket created for the app, but I could not do so and got this message: "elasticbeanstalk-us-east-id" Do anyone have solution for this?

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Either the bucket is not empty or there is a bucket policy preventing deletion.

Please see

Why can't I delete an Amazon S3 bucket that Elastic Beanstalk created?

My AWS Elastic Beanstalk application created an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. Why can't I delete the bucket?


When you use an Elastic Beanstalk application to create an S3 bucket, a policy is applied to the bucket that protects it from getting deleted accidentally. To delete the bucket, you need to delete the bucket policy first. For instructions, see Deleting the Elastic Beanstalk Amazon S3 Bucket.

Warning: If you delete the bucket, any other AWS resources or applications that depend on the bucket might stop working correctly.

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Empty the bucket first.

answered a month ago

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