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/"Completed" player can't reconnect to previous GameSession/

"Completed" player can't reconnect to previous GameSession


Hello, atm I'm testing with just one gamesession. And if one player leaves the session, I do GameLiftServerAPI.RemovePlayerSession(playerSessionId) and the player gets the status "Completed". But then he can't join this session anymore, even so the session is still up & running.

What do I have to change, that the player can join the session again?

PS: My configs:

  • Backfill mode: Automatic
  • FlexMatch mode: WITH_QUEUE
  • Matchmaking Ruleset algorithm: { "balancedAttribute" : "skill", "strategy" : "balanced", "batchingPreference": "largestPopulation" },
asked a month ago101 views
1 Answers

Hello, A COMPLETED player session is not re-usable. You would have to create a new player session. Backfill is used to fill existing game session with new players. By removing that player session, that player session is marked COMPLETED and cannot join backfill. Best, June Ho

answered a month ago
  • Hello June Ho, thanks for your answer! And how can I create a new player session for that player, so that he can join this gamesession again?

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