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/Upgrade MySQL RDS instance 5.7.36 to 8.0 failing/

Upgrade MySQL RDS instance 5.7.36 to 8.0 failing


upgrading MySQL RDS instance 5.7.36 to 8.0 but it didn't get upgraded. We checked the prechecked compatibility log and found error "mysql - schema's default character set: utf8" how to fix this.

1 Answers

It is because MySQL 8.0 includes a number of incompatibilities with MySQL 5.7. For improved Unicode support, consider converting objects that use the utf8mb3 charset to use the utf8mb4 charset. The utf8mb3 character set is deprecated. Also, consider using utf8mb4 for character set references instead of utf8, because currently utf8 is an alias for the utf8mb3 charset.

For more information, see The utf8mb3 character set (3-byte UTF-8 unicode encoding) in the MySQL documentation.

answered 3 months ago

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