When will Amazon Linux 2022 become available on Lightsail?


Currently there's no mention of it, and since the support date for AL 2 is fairly short, would be nice to start planning.

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    Support for Amazon Linux 2 has been postponed until June 30, 2024.

    But even when Amazon Linux 2 came out, we had to wait until it was available for his Lightsail, so AWS might as well roll it out for his Lightsail users.

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Thank you for reaching out on RePost!

Amazon Linux 2 End of Life (EOL) support has been extended by one year from 30-06-2023 to 30-06-2024 to provide customers with ample time to migrate to Amazon Linux 2022. Amazon Linux 2022 Generally Available (GA) release is scheduled for later this year, and will be supported for five years.

The Release Candidate for Amazon Linux 2022 has been made available on EC2, which is solely for testing and customer feedback only.


We do not have an ETA on Amazon Linux 2022 availability on LightSail as of now. Once we have an update from the Lightsail team, release details will be posted here for your reference.

Thank you.

Rinal J
answered 3 months ago

Thanks. It sounds like we probably won't be seeing it in Lightsail before next year. At least that gives me some planning time.

I understand not announcing releases for things before they're ready, but it's helpful to know when they WON'T be available too.

answered 3 months ago

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