What timestamp is being used by Amazon Connect for recordings filename? Initiation timestamp OR Disconnect timestamp?


As we know amazon connect record the calls and store the recordings on S3 bucket, i am looking for what timestamp i can use to make the filename by myself in my code!

There are two timestamps e.g. Initiation timestamp & Disconnect timestamp are being used while creating filenames with contactId_timestamp_UTC e.g. 7bb75057-76ae-4e7e-a140-44a50cc5954b_20220418T06:44_UTC.wav.

I have used the callStartTime to create these filenames and then get the files from S3 using SignedURL but in few cases there is a difference of 1 sec as file stored with incremental of one sec on S3 and i couldn't get the file form S3.

For example i the filename is been created by my application is: 7bb75057-76ae-4e7e-a140-44a50cc5954b_20220418T06:44_UTC.wav. but the recording stored on S3 has filename as: 7bb75057-76ae-4e7e-a140-44a50cc5954b_20220418T06:45_UTC.wav.

The last thing can this data (timestamp) is available in contact object? so i can use it.

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The contact trace record contains details about the S3 location of the recording - see https://docs.aws.amazon.com/connect/latest/adminguide/ctr-data-model.html#ctr-ContactTraceRecord.

You can access these via Kinesis Stream or Kinesis Firehose - for setup instructions see https://docs.aws.amazon.com/connect/latest/adminguide/data-streaming.html

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  • I don't want to use Kinesis but GetObject API to get the object from S3.

  • Use Kinesis to get the S3 location when the CTR is emitted. Then you can use that in the GetObject API.


Instead of finding the filename from CTR, you can try to trigger off the S3 Put Object, with this, you get the filename. And the filename of the object has the Contact ID which you can get the rest of the info using Describe Contact API (not all the info from CTR).

However, it is highly recommend that you store CTR through Kinesis to somewhere as CTR is the only source to have the full meta data of a Contact (including S3 location of the call recording)

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