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Access Documents hosted behind the VPN via google viewer


We have a use-case. Our website is hosted on AWS and have rules at cloud front that states requests with specific IP range should be pass through CDN and documents will serve.

Now, there are certain documents that user view under google docs viewer say,{{siteUrl}}/{{documentPath}} . As documents are hosted on same site which is behind the VPN, user not able to view the documents.

Any solution on how we can enable the view of documents, that will be requested by or how how we can allow in aws cloudfront/alb.


  • It's not clear from your question where the VPN comes into the picture. Are the users connection via VPN? If so, how are they connecting to CLoudFront because it is accessible via public IP addresses. If so, why not enable split-tunnel for Google Docs?

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Is this AWS VPN/CVPN or a 3rd party VPN on an EC2 that is being used ? Where is the VPN located ? Check this link out which looks like similar to your use-case and was recently launched (Whats new).


answered 18 days ago

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