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/send data AWS IoT from telegraf to influxdb cloud/

send data AWS IoT from telegraf to influxdb cloud


Hi, I want to send data from AWS iot to influxdb cloud. In iot core, there is no influxdb rule. Is there any way to send data using a service like timestream for this problème ? Thanks in advance

2 Answers

Hi, you can call a Lambda function in your IoT rule and the Lambda function can then ingest the data into Influx.

In case you are ingesting a lot of data which would cause a lot of Lambda calls you can use a Kinesis data stream to batch messages. You choose then the Kinesis action in your topic rule and use a Lambda combined with Kinesis which can process multiple messages at once.

KR, Philipp

answered a month ago

You can also use a rule to directly ingest from IoT Core into Timestream, and leverage Timestream to store your time series data. There's more info on that here:

answered a month ago

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