How to use "Sample secure input with agent" contact flow?


That sample flow is there after I created my Amazon Connect instance, but not seeing any way it's can be used.

It's probably the same question: how to use "Set hold flow" / "Hold customer or agent" blocks? How to have a flow running while both customer and agent connected to each other, to use those blocks?

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The 'Sample secure input with agent' is a 'Queue transfer' contact flow type, which means it is used when transferring a contact by using a Quick Connect. To test this in your new instance you'll need to do complete the following two steps:

  1. Create a new queue quick connect (Routing -> Quick connects -> Add a new destination)
  2. Add the new quick connect to the BasicQueue (Routing -> Queues -> BasicQueue -> Quick connects)
  3. In the 'Sample secure input with agent' contact flow, modify the 'Store customer input' block and disable (uncheck) 'Encrypt entry'. Enabling encryption requires additional steps performed in the AWS console so you can skip all this for testing purposes by disabling encryption.

Once those steps are complete, any agent taking a call in the BasicQueue can select 'Quick connects' in the CCP and choose the quick connect you created and transfer the call.

The 'Set hold flow' block is used when you want to specify a customer/agent hold flow to use instead of the default hold flows. And yes, to actually use the 'Hold customer or agent' blocks you'll need to have agent and customer connected while interacting with a quick connect transfer flow.

Hope that helps.

answered 3 years ago

Thanks Steve, for your detailed response! It really helped me a lot. Much appreciated

answered 3 years ago

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