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I recently inherited management of a Wordpress site for a non-profit organization. The site went down last week and I am getting the white screen of death and I found out it is being held on a EC2 instance. I am unsure how to access the site via FTP to be able to fix the Wordpress site.

I also received an email saying that Amazon has detected degradation of the underlying hardware for this instance and they recommend stopping and starting it which means (my guess) is that the Wordpress site will be deleted. Any help would be appreciated.

  • I agree with previous two replies. You need to get console access or have the non-profit login and check the volume types. If all volumes are EBS then you're okay to reboot. If not, you loose stored data on the disk that's store-backed. It's possible they have AWS support on their account. You can always submit a ticket with support if you're not sure.

    Carlton Whitmore

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It depends on where the data was stored. If your instance is instance store-backed or has instance store volumes containing data, the data is lost when the instance is stopped.

Start with stop/starting the instance to it move it into fresh hardware. Then see what's left, you unfortunately may have to start fresh.

This link details on what you need to do when you receive a degradation notice:

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Please check your storage type first before proceeding. Considering you see the white screen and not a HTTP 404 tells me that your WordPress is still up and running but got corrupted due to the underlying EC2 hardware failure.

First, if you have access to the AWS Console, check the Storage type and if there are no instance store volumes attached, then you will not loose any data by stopping and starting your EC2 instance. After restarting, login to your EC2 instance and see whats going on with your WordPress setup.

Storage Type

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