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I am currently trying to setup replication between two accounts. On Account A I have a container image in ECR. On Account B I have two regions that need that image.

When I create the Registry Policy on eu-west-1, it works. When I try to create a similar policy on af-south-1 it fails. When I try to same policy on any other region, it works.

Not sure what I am doing wrong here. I am using the console. Generate statement> Cross account replication policy Statement id: test Accounts: {Working account ID}

Error: Failed to create your statement Invalid parameter at 'PolicyText' failed to satisfy constraint: 'Invalid registry policy provided'

Edit: Here is the statment that I am currently using, taken from the documentation

            "Resource": [
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I was facing the same error.

In my case, my problem was that the af-south-1 region was not enabled in the aws account where my principal was configured.

in summary, if you have the principal:


then you must enable af-sout-1 region in the 1111111111111 account to be able to configure the policy.

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  • Thank you for this, this was exactly what it was. The error is very misleading, but as mentioned af-south-1 isn't on by default ( will apply to any region that is optional )


Try this permission { "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Effect": "Allow", "Action": [ "ecr:GetAuthorizationToken", "ecr:BatchCheckLayerAvailability", "ecr:GetDownloadUrlForLayer", "ecr:GetRepositoryPolicy", "ecr:DescribeRepositories", "ecr:ListImages", "ecr:DescribeImages", "ecr:BatchGetImage", "ecr:GetLifecyclePolicy", "ecr:GetLifecyclePolicyPreview", "ecr:ListTagsForResource", "ecr:DescribeImageScanFindings" ], "Resource": "*" } ] }

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