How to create a no-internet access (private) subnet?


Points of My Scenario:

  1. I tried to create 3 private subnets (subnets without an internet gateway) so that EC2 instances would be unable to access Internet
  2. I used the procedure in AWS document
  3. Upon completion, I checked the route table for each subnet...
  4. Alas! Each one had destination associated with the default igw-<GUID>: just like the other system-generated subnets.

Question: why is this happening and how can I create truly private subnets?

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Accepted Answer

In your VPC is a default route table. The instructions on that page don't mention it but if you don't assign a specific route table to a subnet the default is used. In your case, the default route table has a route to the Internet Gateway.

To fix this, create a new route table in your VPC and assign it to the private subnets.

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answered 15 days ago
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  • OMG! That's it! That works! A bundle of thanks, Brettski-AWS!

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