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/AWS SAM/CloudFormation Internal Failure when Creating a Changeset/

AWS SAM/CloudFormation Internal Failure when Creating a Changeset


I am building an application and using the AWS SAM CLI to upload my template to CloudFormation. I haven't changed the template and only update that was put on the application was an IAM role(AWSIAMDetachRolePolicy), and after that was done the following error message occurs when sam deploy is used: Error: Failed to create change-set for the stack: , An error occurred (InternalFailure) when calling the CreateChangeSet operation (reached max retries: 4): Unknown. I have looked through the CloudTrail logs to see if I could find anymore information but the only info that is provided is "errorMessage": "An unknown error occurred". Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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An "Internal Failure" error can occur due to several reasons. For example, The JSON/YAML template being passed during the CreateChangeSet operation might have a syntactical error. This error can be anything that would normally not let you create the stack, such as an extra ":" and it can lead to an "Internal Failure". I understand that the error occurred after the IAM role resource was added to your template. I recommend validating the schema of this role resource that was added to check for extraneous properties, invalid parameters being passed to the role and/or invalid characters. You might also want to use the CloudFormation Designer to quickly validate and test the template as you roll back template changes to narrow down the issue.

Additionally, please see our knowledge center article here that discusses resolving the internal failure error in CloudFormation.

answered a month ago

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