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How to deploy an operator on exiting EKS using CloudFormation?


I have an EKS cluster and I would like to deploy an Operator and Application using CloudFormation. Installing an Operator involves getting yamls from public registry and deploying them. If the EKS has a Bastion host then using SSM I can connect to Bastion host, use curl to download the yaml files and kubectl to deploy them. But I would like to be able to deploy when Bastion host does not exist. What options do I have?

Any pointers or sample is appreciated.


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There is a blog post that aims to solve this very issue. Please review this post and see if it works for your use-case.

Note: The above blog post uses an open-source custom resource AWSQS::Kubernetes::Helm. There is an open feature request 254 to provide an official cloudformation resource for the same.


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answered 18 days ago

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