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/Does AWS DMS has any way to touch or modify source tables?/

Does AWS DMS has any way to touch or modify source tables?


I created several Full load, ongoing replication task DMS tasks to copy data from a VPS MySQL server to RDS MySQL, and after some tweaks (time zone config, collations, etc) I was able to get everything working as expected and replicating data effectively.

Yesterday however some tables were truncated in my source MySQL database (TRUNCATE table_name). The table statistics in the DMS task did detect a DDL change as appreciated in the below screenshot:

I was able to get the TRUNCATE commands from the MySQL binlog.


  • Is there any way that DMS could have been the culprit in literally truncating my source tables? My tasks don't even have the preparation mode TRUNCATE, I have DO NOTHING.
  • I didn't find any way in the configs or in the docs but, does DMS have a way to affect source tables?


I get the feeling that the VPS server got hacked. But I haven't been able to confirm if that's the case.

Edit 2:

Even some tables DMS didn't know about (were not included in the table mappings) got truncated as well.

2 Answers

Hi AWS-User-6348262,

DMS uses unidirectional replication from the source DB to the target DB. DMS will not update or delete any data in your source DB.

Hope that helps!

Best, Sean

answered a month ago

DMS wont write or truncate any source user db tables. In some engine types it would create extra tables to capture ongoing changes but in that case also it wont truncate tables.

answered a month ago

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