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/Glacier Vault Lock and Policy Changes?/

Glacier Vault Lock and Policy Changes?


If a customer establishes a Glacier Vault Lock policy, and then the requirements change (as an example, legal requirements for data retention periods are changed), is this a "start over" condition, or can support alter policy settings once in effect?

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Accepted Answer

Vault Locking is comprised of a two-step process – Initiate (InitiateVaultLock) and Complete (CompleteVaultLock). Once a policy has been built and initiated you have 24 hours to issue an Abort (AbortVaultLock) which will delete the in-progress policy and provide the opportunity to modify the policy before locking it down. Once modifications are made it is required to issue the Initiate command again which restarts the 24 hour window in which the policy can be aborted or completed. Once the Complete command is issued the policy for that vault becomes immutable.

answered 7 years ago

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