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AWS marketplace token generation for CI/CD tests


Is there any simpler (api/sdk) way to generate the x-amzn-marketplace-token token based on the stored credentials of the amazon test account? So when we try to setup our software via the marketplace listing, a POST call is made in response to which aws generates a registration token. this token is then used in the AWS Marketplace Metering Service calls later to perform different operations. And i was basically trying to automate the process of signing up from marketplace but as far as i could see, the token generation is opaque and only generated by amazon itself. so i couldn't find any corresponding sdk/api call in amazon documentation to simulate this action in my automation.

In order to get that marketplace registration token, I really want to avoid spawning a full browser and simulating a user logging in, going to the product page, and clicking subscribe which would be my second approach if i don't have a direct way of generating the token.

asked 7 months ago23 views
1 Answer

Unfortunately, currently the only way to generate the x-amzn-marketplace-token is by going to the AWS Marketplace subscription page for your seller product and clicking on "Setup up software" or the "Click here to set up your account" links.

answered 11 days ago

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