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I'm running Plesk web hosting software and added the AWS S3 extension for automated backup of sites I host. I setup an IAM access account that was given S3 privileges.

I was able to login to my IAM assigned account from my Ubuntu laptop but when I try to login from my Windows 10 Pro laptop it shows no S3 buckets are created. The Linux login shows the buckets the Plesk extension created.

I'm using the same exact login credentials on both laptops. How can this be?


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2 Answers

The only difference between my Linux PC and my Windows PC is when I login under Linux the AWS region is global. I can't access the global region with S3 on my Windows laptop. Looking at the credentials of the IAM user, it says this IAM isn't assigned to a region.

How do I access the global region for S3 under my Windows PC?

answered 2 years ago

Using the URL from the Linux laptop while in my S3 bucket on my Windows laptop somehow has fixed this issue and it is now the default S3 bucket for my default account. CRAZY!

answered 2 years ago

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