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/AWS LexV2 CDK/CloudFormation error when using Image Response Cards/

AWS LexV2 CDK/CloudFormation error when using Image Response Cards


I am deploying a Lex V2 bot with AWS CDK and want my bot to have buttons for eliciting slots, but for some reason I get an error:

DevBot Resource handler returned message: 

"Importing CDK-DevBot failed due to [There was an error importing the bot. 
Make sure that the imported bot and contents of the zip file are correct, then try your request again.]. 
The import could not be completed." 

(RequestToken: ebd3354f-6169-922a-d0f9-d14690671e25, HandlerErrorCode: InvalidRequest)

The relevant part of the CloudFormation template: "Message"

"MessageGroupsList: [{
  "Message": {
    "ImageResponseCard": {
      "Buttons": [
          "Text": "1.0.3",
          "Value": "1.0.3"
          "Text": "1.0.5",
          "Value": "1.0.5"
      "Title": "Title"
    "PlainTextMessage": {
      "Value": "Please enter the issue number"

If I remove "ImageResponseCard" then it deploys okay. Otherwise, I get the error.

Has anybody else had this problem and found a way to overcome it?

1 Answers

Hi. Thank you for reaching out for this issue. We are aware that there is an issue integrating a Lex Bot with ImageResponseCard settings in CFN and we are actively tracking the fix.

answered 2 months ago

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