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is IVS trailing pathname is fixed?


I see the Ingest Server introduction:
An ingest server identifies a specific Amazon IVS component that receives the stream, along with an ingestion protocol (for example, RTMPS). The ingest server URL is composed of the protocol (RTMPS)
the ingestEndpoint
the port
and a trailing pathname.
When I create an ivs channel, I can get the ingestEndpoint. What I wonder is if the port is always 443 when I use RTMPS and the trailing pathname is "/app/"? If it's true, I can build the ingest server url by joining "rtmps://"ingestEndpoint":443/app/". If it's false, how can we build the ingest server url?

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1 Answers

Currently, IVS supports the RTMPS protocol for ingest. Because of this, it is safe to build the ingest server by joining “rtmps://<IVS-ingest-server>:443/app/” as the protocol and port number are supported. In addition to the ingest server URL, the stream key may also need to be added to the end of the URL (depending on the encoder) to form a URL with the pattern “rtmps://<IVS-ingest-server>:443/app/<IVS-stream-key>

More information on Encoder Settings can be found

answered a year ago

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