How to fetch previous months Cur reports


I wanted to fetch previous months CUR reports, I wasn't able to find a way to provide period which creating the Cur report. can anybody suggest how i can get previous months CUR reports

2 Answers

The CUR file will keep a record of all months since it has been activated. If you just recently activated the report (in the last 9 days) then it will only have the current month in it. You might be able to contact AWS support and have them backfill that CUR file in S3 with data from previous months. If you have had it activated for a while, the S3 bucket in which it is stored should contain all the previous months, depending on the format that you store the CUR file the folder structure will be different but you should be able to find those buckets in your Billing dashboard under Cost & Usage Reports.

answered 2 years ago

@AWS-User-0784107 you can ask to Billing Support if they can help you to get backfill data here .

answered a year ago

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