My domain on Route 53 is not reaching my server created on AWS Lightsail


Hi AWS folk! I am trying to create my own website using AWS Route 53 and Lightsail.

In Route 53, I registered a domain, and created a public hosted zone. The hosted zone configuration has four name servers that match the "Value/Route traffic to" of the NS record of the hosted zone.

In Lightsail, I have created a Wordpress website. I provided a static IP to the Lightsail instance. Under Networking, I created a DNS zone (using the registered domain from the previous step) which had also four name servers (different from the four name servers in Route 53).

Now when I try to reach my website using the instance's static IP address it works perfectly. However, when I browse using my domain name I keep getting "This site can’t be reached".

Here's my configuration of the Route 53 Hosted zone

Route 53 configuration

Here's the configuration of the DNS zone on Lightsail:

Lightsail configuration

Am I missing something or maybe have some wrong configuration?

Any help is highly appreciated!

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Since you registered the domain with Route53, the nameservers listed in the hosted zone in Route53 take effect. But as per the information shared above, the A/CNAME records are created in DNS zones in lightsail and the site is unreachable.

The quickest thing you can do is add the DNS records (A/CNAME) in Route53 also and verify that you are able to access the site via FQDN. If this works, it confirms that the nameservers from Route53 are used for lookup. Another alternative way to check which set of NS servers are used, you can do a DNS lookup for nameserver for the FQDN to confirm whether it's using config from Route53 or DNS zones in Lightsail

dig <FQDN> -t NS

Hosted zones should either be created in Route53 or DNS zones but not both. If you want to use Lightsail DNS zones, then you need to change the nameservers using this link as reference


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answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks for the answer! I removed the Hosted zone in Route 53 and kept only the DNS zone in Lightsail. I added the DNS records (A/CNAME) in Lightsail and it worked!!


Route 53 hosted zone deletation eror

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answered 2 months ago

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