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I'm trying to run a script every time a Session Manager session is terminated after a user exits the terminal. I have a script that connects to Session Manager using AWS CLI. I was trying to use EventBridge to create a rule based on the TerminateSession API call but apparently the endpoint is never called unless a specific TerminateSession command is triggered either through the console, API or CLI. Or at least I haven't seen it in the CloudTrail events history anyway. Is there any other way to react to terminals being closed?

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Well, I just realised I had my connection to NordVPN enabled. Once I disabled it, the connection seems to last much longer now. So the question now would be, why is this happening? And is there any way to fix it? I would like to limit connections to Session Manager to a static IP (the one I have from NordVPN) but this situation it's quite limiting as is.

answered 2 years ago

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