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Athena ODBC - Multiple Catalogs


Hello. We have multiple catalogs (data source) in Athena that we would like to access in Power BI. We have set up an ODBC connection and include authentication option -- tested the connection successfully. In Power BI service, we can only see AWSDataCatalog. I found the following post on a workaround:

Essentially, we would need to write an SQL statement. Our desired state is to be able to return all our catalogs in Power BI (two of these are also cross account). When I wrote the following query in the SQL Statement section, I receive an error: select * from xacc_athena_data_catalog

An exception occurred: ODBC: ERROR (1040) An error has been thrown from the AWS Athena client. Error Message: SYNTAX_ERROR: line 1:15: Table xacc_athena_data_catalog.default.xacc_athena_data_catalog does not exist

Looking for suggestions to expose all the catalogs in Power BI service through Athena ODBC. Thank you!

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1 Answers

Could you please enable the driver debug logging in ODBC Data Source Administrator (page 33 in documentation [1]), then re-run the query and upload the driver logs in a support case with Athena support team ? We can debug the issue and raise a request with development team if needed.



answered a month ago

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