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Is there a way to disable the hosted UI? We have built our own login/registration forms and I would like to disable Cognito's hosted forms to prevent access to them.

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I believe you can just delete the userpool domain...then the hosted ui is gone. If you have verification enabled it must be set to 'code' (not 'link') as the link points at that domain and will prevent user signup if the domain is not set.

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Have you figured out if/how to do this? I have been unable to figure out/understand how to use the Cognito Auth API without being redirected to the Cognito Hosted UI.


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Here is how to use the token endpoints without having to use the hosted UI. https://forums.aws.amazon.com/message.jspa?messageID=832873#832873

But the hosted UI will still be active which is my issue.

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I can understand why you might not want the hosted UI to be even available, but that's not possible today if you want to use the OAuth2.0 flows.

Is the issue that you don't want users to sign up or sign in directly with a username/email and password using the hosted UI, but you want to only allow that through your UI? If so, you can uncheck Cognito User Pool from the Enable Identity Providers section of the App client settings (under App integration) in the Cognito console. If Cognito User Pools is unchecked, a user may still see the federated options if they find their way to the hosted UI, but they can't sign in or sign up directly in the User Pool with username/email and password.

I hope that helps.

answered 6 years ago

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