VTL resolver to authenticate multiple users from two different cognito pools


I need I have two cognito pools One is for uber rider One is for uber driver

now when I query from my rider side I need rider authentication from his pool on rides table and when I need to query from drivers side I need driver credentials for authentication from his pool to get data from rides table.

like this one https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/mobile/graphql-security-appsync-amplify/

but with code gen amplify it self generate the VTL. but my problem is to write it by myself as I am not using amplify.

1 Answer

You can make all the changes to the GraphQL Schema or the template mapping of the resolvers in the AppSync Console, and you don't need to use Amplify for it.

Here is a link to AppSync documentation on the way to authorize different users to do different queries or mutations. It covers similar use cases to the one that you defined.

answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you. this is helpful, I will study, apply and will let you know. Do you have any tutorial regarding VTL writing for resolvers. as I could not find that anywhere and paid courses are expensive. There are tutorials for VTL on apache site but I need more accurate and with respect to AWS appsycn resolvers.

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