How to make neural voice of my own by Amazon Polly


I'd like to create my neural voice of my own by Amazon Polly. But even I open Amazon Polly Console, there are only 3 menu on the left side pane such as text-to-speech function, lexicon, S3 synthesis task. PLS let me know the procedures how to make a neural voice of my own. I want to do it from voices and scripts extracted from existing movies which I acted and spoke in them.

Regards, Michael Yamaguchi

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Hi Michael, for your project I suggest to use Amazon Polly Custom Voice

answered a year ago
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reviewed 2 months ago
  • @LBajard Thank you for your advice. I try to contact to Brand Voice.


@LBajard, just curious if you ever proceeded with the Branded Voice option with Amazon Polly? If so, can you share any insights on the experience? We are considering the same.

answered 3 months ago

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