What is the cost of container image storage?


I deploy many times a day to Lightsail via CI/CD. My container ends up accumulating a lot of old images which I will never use again. Also the UI for deleting old images requires deleting them one by one which means deleting them is really painful.

So I want to know what happens if I don't delete these redundant images? Does AWS charge me for the storage? should I be deleting them?

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You can see your actual daily costs by going to the console and choosing cost management service and selecting cost explorer and then choosing current month and daily in the drop downs and group by usage type to view the costs being charged per use type. You would be able to understand the breakdown of different services costs here.

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Lifecycle Policies in ECR will allow you to make rules that automatically expire your older images and reduce storage costs. For example, this policy will expire any images that are older than 14 days.

The storage pricing for ECR is $0.10 per GB / month for data stored in private or public repositories. Continuing to add images to your repository without cleaning old images up will increase your storage costs. There is also a cost for data transferred out of the repository.

Usually when you are building and pushing an image multiple times a day only the top layer changes. If the intermediate layers are not changed the storage is not duplicated in ECR. When pushing an image you may see a 'Layer already exists' message which indicates the repository is reusing storage for a layer since it has not changed.

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  • You mentioned that "If the intermediate layers are not changed the storage is not duplicated in ECR", I couldn't find that in any documentation (at least in the ECR pricing page), could you please refer me to any

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