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I am currently using apache old version (2.4.51), does it affect security?


I'm using EC2 running OS=Amazon Linux, currently I'm using apache 2.4.51. On 20 December 2021 apache released a new version 2.4.52 and I have not seen amazon update that version. Will my service be affected during this time, how do I upgrade?

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Unfortunately AWS is sometimes slow on updating it's package repository with the latest versions (I have already seen that a couple of times). Therefore if you want to stick with using the official Amazon Linux Package repository, you have to wait for AWS to release the new Apache version.

To see the latest packages updates you can follow

I have also asked a similar question to obtain some specific timelines regarding that:

answered 9 months ago

For questions or concerns about security in Amazon Linux or any AWS service, please reach out to our security contact:

answered 9 months ago

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