Free tier, costs keep on coming...what to do to stop them?


Hi all,

So, since I am on free tier I can't get to support, very nice of them. Anyway, I started doing one tutorial and decided mid way I don't like the service and wanted to shut everything down. I did terminate EC2 instance, I removed other dependent services except Security groups. In my AWS Management Console nothing is up, meaning everything shows 0 instances except security groups which I can't delete or detach. Every day I get something like 10-20 cents of costs incurred and can't do noting about it, or don't know.

In my billing dashboard costs are for EC2 and ECS...none of those are running. I waited for two days thinking it's some costs that needed time to "show up" but as it is still going on...I am wondering what to do? Any ideas?

Thank you for help!

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Hi all, not sure if this will help anyone, but after checking costs again, I wondered if something else falls under EC2-other I opened all dashboards of all services I created in this tutorial. And then I found NAT gateway to be incurring charges. Now before when I tried to delete security groups it led me to my EC2 instance saying that I need to detach it from there, but since it was terminated there was no way to detach it. Except now I stumbled upon VPC configuration, I am sure I did that before too, because I tried deleting subnets I think, and computer always said no because of security groups being in existence. Detaching also didn't work. But now I went to VPC, said detach and it worked! Then I deleted it and that deleted everything with it, even security groups!

Now, I am not sure if that will put an end to costs, since I just did it, but I'll see.

So, be sure to try to detach everything from everything, and costs dashboard isn't as accurate as it should be, in case someone from AWS reads this. Also UX people, please.


answered 4 years ago

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