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/gamelift client NetworkReachability cunstructor missing in Unity build/

gamelift client NetworkReachability cunstructor missing in Unity build


I get the following exception during runtime on android:

MissingMethodException: Default constructor not found for type Amazon.Util.Internal.PlatformServices.NetworkReachability

The code below is executed:

var client = new AmazonGameLiftClient(
				new AmazonGameLiftConfig { UseAlternateUserAgentHeader = false, RegionEndpoint = RegionEndpoint.USEast1 }

I didn't have any issues running the game client on windows and the server running on linux.

asked a month ago22 views
1 Answers

Hi @gabetoth, Have you taken a look at this guide which lists out special considerations for Unity support, when using the AWS SDK?

Commonly, this seems to be an issue with not adding a link.xml file to the Assets folder, that lists all AWSSDK assemblies being used. Could you try this to see if it solves your problem?

answered 17 days ago

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