How can I use a static or Elastic IP address for an Amazon ECS task on Fargate ?


My ecs task running with application load balancing and want to access access to global via NAT Gateway. Could you tell me how ?

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The subnet where the ECS task is deployed should be a private subnet.
Also, make sure that there is a route to the NAT Gateway in the route table of the deployed subnet.
The configuration is similar to the following document.

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answered 8 months ago
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  • Thanks for you answers, actually I also try a private subnet sir, It able to access to global via nat but the static ip still not get on ecs task

  • As described in this document, it is not possible to set an Elastic IP directly to a task.
    In other words, if the destination has IP address restrictions or other restrictions, it is necessary to register to allow the NAT Gateway's IP address.

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