Adding Server-side rendering and AWS Cognito Identity to an Angular Single Page Application


I am learning how to do serverless single page applications in AWS for all the great scalable services. The white pager docs I am following is from here:

The link above has a diagram outlining the services needed. It is missing the two parts I need to figure out:

  1. Where do I place my SSR / Angular Universal information/pages? Is there docs showing that in a diagram/white-paper like this?
  2. How do I add in AWS Cognito as my identity manager as I don't need to add in third-party ones yet (like GitHub or Google)?

Thanks in advance and greatly looking forward to building a serverless, scalable app in AWS infrastructure with Angular.

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As per the architecture diagram, it would be best to put static files (HTML, CSS, JS) in S3 with CloudFront. You could use API Gateway with Lambda for dynamic content.

You could probably follow this workshop for your use case


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answered 10 months ago
  • Yes I have done that tutorial but the use case I am using is Angular for my SPA. Currently Ampulify does not support Angular SSR and that is a priority.

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