Advice on setting up a platform to host PHP app + MySQL databases + subdomains



I need advice on setting up the infrasture for a SaaS system we are building. Our system is as follows;

For one instance (on a high-level is this).

  • Website for users to login and view data that has records stored in a database + any files they upload (such as PDFs etc..). The website is based on PHP backend.
  • Then there is a MySQL databse to host the records.

Then we'd be replicating this for any client who decides to buy our service (so a new instance under gets created). The setup is similar to what offers for the users.

I'd like to utilize AWS services for it and what is the best place to get started? Any advice? I'd also like to have a way to keep track of the child instances (either in one EC2 instance) remotely to view their usage and disable any which haven't been used.

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AWS SaaS Boost may be a good fit for your use case. It's open source and free to use (you'll be billed for the AWS services you consume). Check it out on GitHub and see the getting started guide as well as recordings of the "office hours" from Twitch

answered 9 months ago

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