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SES Status Notification with SQS FIFO Queue


I used a SQS FIFO queue to buffer email status notifications from SES. To increase the processing speed, I would like to have multiple consumer processing the queue. It would requires me to add a MessageGroupId for each item.

Can I check how I can specify the MessageGroupId for the email status?

  • Could you describe a little bit more about your architecture? I think you are using the SES notifications to send the notifications to a SNS topic, and from there, to a SQS queue. In this architecture, SES doesn't support SNS FIFO, and SNS standard doesn't send the messages to SQS FIFO. I'd like to know how are you sending the notifications to a SQS FIFO and why you need to keep the order of the messages.

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Thanks for reaching out. I would like to echo Eduardo's thoughts here and would like to confirm your use case and how exactly you are sending the SES notifications to the SQS FIFO queue at the moment?

Currently, we can only send SES notifications to a standard SNS topic so I am curious how you are sending this to an SQS FIFO queue. The MessageGroupID is a parameter that we need to set when sending messages to the SQS FIFO queue(unless the message comes from an SNS FIFO Queue). if you are sending messages to an SQS FIFO queue, then you are already somehow setting the MessageGroupID somewhere as this is a required parameter for SQS FIFO queues.

MessageGroupId is required for FIFO queues. You can't use it for Standard queues.

So it seems there is some context and information that we are missing. Kindly share some additional details and we will do our best to help you.

answered 4 months ago

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