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What is best way to upload an entire folder (recursively) to S3 Glacier via CLI? I understand we can create a Glacier Vault and run 'aws glacier' command on individual objects (w/ no recursive option) such as:

aws glacier upload-archive --vault-name MyVault --body myArchive.doc

However I notice that the 's3 sync' command has '--storage-class' options of 'GLACIER|DEEP_ARCHIVE.' Would following command work as well?:

aws s3 sync my-dir s3://my-bucket/path --storage-class DEEP_ARCHIVE

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Accepted Answer

It is recommended to use S3's Glacier storage class so you can use s3 sync.

Note that data stored in Glacier vaults is not interchangeable with Glacier-storage-class data in S3 buckets. You have to choose which set of APIs to use.

In general, S3's APIs have a richer feature set; we are encouraging use of the S3 APIs for all new Glacier data.

answered 4 years ago

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